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Perez Artwork

C. Lewis Perez was an artist of extraordinary talent who is best known for landscape paintings featuring three dimensional or raised trees, bushes and leaves. Perez, whose real name was Chester Lewis (1923-2010), worked also under the trade names "Louis Perez," "Lewis Perez" and often simply "Perez" throughout the 1970's, 80's and 90's until his unofficial retirement from painting around year 2000.

Perez began his career as an artist in the Old Town area of Chicago and later moved his studios and residence to suburban Northwest Indiana. Prior to becoming an artist, Perez was an Illinois registered pharmacist and his curiosity and knowledge of chemical compounds led him to develop a type of paint that resulted in a three-dimensional subject that is extremely durable, easy to clean, and simply unlike any other painting on the market of the time.

Protecting and Preserving the Intellectual Property and the Legacy of C. Lewis Perez

Over the years, the Perez style has been ripped off, reproduced without authorization and in at least one known instance, an overseas company attempted, with failed results, to reverse engineer and replicate the three-dimensional trees that are the trademark of the Perez works of art. The result was a product that cracked and fell apart! Now, while some infringments of Perez's intellectual property have been purposeful, some have also been inadvertent. The Internet can spread bad information very quickly, and somewhat recently, some works of art that clearly belong to C. Lewis Perez have been mislabeled or misattributed to an artist named "Amelita Carancas Perez" (no relation whatsoever). How, and why this misattribution happened remains the subject of ongoing investigation and may result in litigation to restore both artists' names with their respective works of art.

This firm continues to represent the interests and rights of the Estate of Chester Lewis and investigates all incidents and reports of copyright infringement and transgressions against the intellectual property of C. Lewis Perez and the now defunct Old Chicago Studios, the business studios of C. Lewis Perez. This page provides biographical information free for dissemination and encourages all people and businesses familiar with the work of C. Lewis Perez to properly disseminate such in accordance with applicable federal law. Any questions or comments should be directed to Attorney Eric Lewis in Indianapolis at (317) 623-3030.

Identifying a Lewis Perez Artwork

Most of C. Lewis Perez's work was signed simply "Perez" as illustrated at right. This is particularly true of most, if not all, oil paintings produced by Perez. Other works, mostly those made in the late 80's and early 90's for limited edition lithographs were signed in a variety of ways, including "C. Lewis," "C. Lewis Perez," "Louis Perez" and "Lewis Perez." Oil paintings produced by Perez have a one inch white margin which would typically have been stamped at the bottom as "C. Lewis Perez" or "Copyright Old Chicago Studios" or "Copyright Old Chicago Arts." Since most oil paintings are stretched across stretchers before they are framed, it may be necessary to remove the frame to identify the work.





A website is under construction detailing the biographical history of C. Lewis Perez and a complete list of published lithographs authorized by C. Lewis Perez and Old Chicago Studios, as well as additional illustrations of Perez's famed landscapes and information on how to obtain certificates of authenticity to properly document Perez artwork.

Check back soon for a link to the website and for more updates and information.

PLEASE READ: Please do not call our office for further information. Unfortunately, information is limited at this time and this website will be updated as soon as more information comes available. Inquiries are welcome via email. If you are in need of a Duplicate Certificate of Authenticity, one may be provided upon request at cost ($20.00). This is the only service that is presently offered. This firm does not provide resale or valuation appraisals.



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